Thursday, 1 November 2012

YOR Health Scam - Must See Photos and Facts!!

YOR Health Scam or Rising Star?
Dennis Wong Scam or pioneer of health?
We give you the facts  - You decide!

When a company features inside the INC 5000 fastest growing companies 3 years running, there is no wonder it receives so much publicity and scrutiny.
With so much information and so many opinions flying around,  how do we know what is true and what is false?

Who do we trust?
Well in any debate we need to sort out the material that has evidence and references behind it (True)
And look at the material with no credibility or evidence behind it (False)

So what is everyone saying? Let's look at it ALL

If you read into the dramatic headlines and stories in various blog posts (which unfortunately have no policing of what is being said, and more often than not are driven by the competitors) you will read things that question the credibility of the current co – founder of YOR Health, Dennis Wong. All of which fail to provide any factual information and when you read and list all of the backing the company has, they become quiet comical. None of this information has any credibility and if it did the companies credentials (read below) would not be possible.  I read one blog post saying that Dennis Wong was banned from network marketing as a rep (LAUGHS) ) if this were the case, would he be silly enough to put his name on the company as founder? and then would the company be awarded Rising Star Company of the Year Finalist by the governing body of the entire industry (DSA) if the founder had once been banned? Would all these credible people and bodies be seen working with him? Seriously guys? Come on.. A bit of common sense.. He is one of the most respected business people in america today. (See references below)
I also read one post suggesting YOR Health is a pyramid scam. This person obviously hasn't done their research, the company has a product (a government patented and clinically studied one at that), the company pays out its distributors on product sales not recruiting, and the DSA has gone over the company with a fine tooth comb for 12 months. Another blog runs fear into it's readers that YOR Health will move out of health as the founder moved out of the IT industry into the health industry years ago, now why would one of the fastest growing companies on the planet, who put in years of research to get a government patent and have all this accreditation in their wildest dreams change out of an industry they are thriving in? Again guys, come on a bit of common sense...

 Anyway, that's enough on the topics of blogs for now, this blog site is only interested in looking and exposing evidence and truth!

What are the accredited and governing bodies saying about Dennis Wong and YOR Health?

The Direct Selling Association (who also awarded YOR Health a top 3 spot in their Rising Star Company of the Year Award) said this: “You should be very proud of this remarkable accomplishment, as your company now represents the entire direct sales channel through its excellence.”
The Direct Selling Association is no joke, with only 220* companies world wide on their board who all made it through a rigorous 12 months scan of the company, as well as checking with consumer groups and governing bodies 
(See YOR Health listed)


 Who is with Dennis Wong at the YOR Health 2012 Conference? Sherrif Lee Baca (See credentials)

Who is the female pictured with Dennis Wong?  Member of Congress - Judy Chu & Dennis Wong at the YOR Health Conference 2012

And who is he? Joe Mariano -  President of the Direct Selling Association 

Who advises YOR Health? What credentials do these people have?

Now if you check out their website you will see an endless list of world class and award winning doctors and health professionals, world champion athletes, authors and actors on the board.

NOW to all those bloggers with over the top negativity out there saying that Dennis must be paying off all of these people... Come on now.. do you think all of these people would put their name, reputation and career on the line and break the law for a bit of cash under the table??? And how could a company that your saying is no good afford to pay allllll of these  people? Could someone please help me with that question?
Come on guys, let's get serious and not buy into fear... And look at FACTS about this company, not the online myths and scare tactics

Researching a company is the smartest thing you can possibly do! Not doing so would be plain risky! But don't get caught up on stories and myths running around online, the blogging world seems to be a big case of chinese whispers. 

YOR Health is a great company and has more credibility and backing than maybe any other company in America, and it's sad that a company whose philosophy is sharing happiness and wellness and who have a world class product can be tainted by a few angry and bitter individuals online who like to sit back and bash this, that and everything. YOR Health is a health company with one of the most highly regarded products on the planet! They specialise in digestive health (particularly enzymes) and nourishing the body. (See video below for more detailed information)

Research the facts like Sherrif Lee Baca did before stepping on stage with the company, and somehow I imagine the head of the LA police department would have access to investigate some factual information and he doesn't go to to do his “research” :) what do you think?

Yours Truly
The Truth Messenger

World Middleweight Boxing Sensation Danny Jacobs is now on the athletic Advisory Board!

So is YOR Health worth getting involved in? You decide

Do they have a proven product that actually works?  Yes they have a double blind placebo tested product and a recent patent on their NDS blend of enzymes.

Is the opportunity new, but outside the 2 year danger zone that most companies don't make it through? Yes the company is now 5 years old and has won numerous awards (most recently Rising Star Company of the Year Final 3 by the DSA)

Do they have the proper and required backing and accreditation?
Yes they have been a member of the DSA for over 12 months

Do they offer a legal and lucrative compensation plan?
Yes, reps are paid out on product volume production, not recruiting. They offer a hybrid system offering the benefits from the traditional mono system and the new age binary. They also offer retail sales, direct sales and customer bonus's.

Are they growing internationally? 
Yes YOR Health is exploding in many international markets, they have also had several world champion athletes from various countries join the science board such as French World K1 Champion Jerome Le Banner & Representing YOR Health Australia is Olympic and World Cycling Champion Sid Taberlay.

Want to see what it is all about?
Check out their highlight real of their recent event in Las Vegas...


  1. I can't believe that anyone would think that YOR Health is a scam, especially after the credibility presented above. The facts don't lie!

  2. YOR Health has changed my life in so many ways through the amazing product and the support of the people involved, and even better i have been able to share it with all of my friends and family. Keep up the good work guys and thankyou

  3. To denounce YOR Health to be a scam is completely preposterous, not to mention invalid.

    I joined YOR Health a year ago, and I cannot stress enough how much the company has changed my life. Not only have I been able to get in the best shape of my life without starving myself, but I am finally financially comfortable which in turn has allowed me to do things that I never could before. The guidance, coaching and motivation I have received throughout my whole journey has been like no other job, we are not treated like numbers, rather as friends and family to each other.

    When I read claims about the company being a scam it fills me with anger, as not only have I worked with the company and know it isn't a scam, it has merited by the Direct Selling Association as not only just a company, but a 'movement' in the health and wellness industry.

    For all of you out there that read this fictional bolix from those that couldn't make their business work, take a second look at the facts, the companies merits and its exponential growth in recent years before you make your judgement call. YOR Health changed my life, I hope it does the same for you.

  4. I really find it amazing how it can be backed by so many credible sources, but people still think that some random forum holds more credability than a governing organisation, members of congress, and a world renowned business magazine ranking them as one of the fastest growing companies in the US 3 years in a row? I don't get it

  5. Kyle, I don't get it either.

    A company with a squeaky clean record, supported by the DSA, government organisations all over the world and not to mention some of the top Network Marketing experts such as Dr Charles King. It's a real shame the way society has turned for the worst. You would think people would put the right the speak freely to good use, instead they publicise rubbish about credible and successful companies such as YOR Health. It's simply unfair!

  6. As a natural sceptic, I wanted to know YOR Health was legit before parting with my hard earned $. DSA, Inc 500 and the one and only A+ recommendation in 20 years from network marketing super critic Dr Charles King, does not lie.

    Deciding to join YOR Health is easily the best decision I have made in my life. In just over 2 months, I have lost 24kg with the assistance of the products and the amazing culture and support of the people involved in the company. My life is heading in a positive direction for the first time, I am so very grateful for that.

    To anyone questioning the business model, the products, the culture or the legitimacy of the company; don't believe me, don't believe the industry experts backing the company, open your mind, get educated and try it. If you get even 10% of the results I have, it will change your life.

    Amanda Glossop - Melbourne, Australia

  7. LOL!! Its funny how whenever you ask someone who would they take basketball advice from, Michael Jordan or some guy who has no idea about basketball, everyone says Michael Jordan!!!! Here we have credible sources (Michael Jordan) and then the google blogs (the guy who has no idea about basketball) Who should i listen too!?? LOL!

  8. People often say, "well, if you are not a pyramid scheme or scam, how come you spend so much time trying to explain why you are not one?" Crazy right? Answer is, we don't. However, when there is so much negative untruth out there about YOR Health, that is deterring so many people from using the products and experiencing the benefits that I feel, it would be an injustice on my behalf not to give people the truth on how good it actually is and how misleading and negatively brainwashed the super skeptics can be. I believe it is ridiculous for people to talk others out of better health and quality of life. People deserve the truth and people deserve better health.

  9. SCAM!! That's what I thought when I first got involved with Yor Health. My views that it was a scam were created by, reading into negative and fictional evidence on google. I brought the SCAM blogs hook line and sinker. I was like, “ did I just lose money in a scam company”, then 3 days later I received my first batch of Yor Health products. I started taking the products and felt the difference straight away. But I wasn't convinced, “I still think that it is a SCAM company”, there were all these comments about how people got scammed and comments about Dennis Wong who is a evil scam artist etc.

    Then I looked into it further, went to the yor health website and saw world class medial doctors and scientist and athletes all backing the product and company. I saw that the Sheriff of the LA county spoke at the Yor Health annual event. "Why would an officer of the law speak at a scam company event?" DAH!!
    AND there I realized that I brought so much into the negative comments of others, that It was stronger than the actually facts about how ethical and legitimate this great company is.
    Why did I buy into this negativity? Because negativity and drama creates a better story and I fell for it.
    I've now been involved in this great company for 11months, and it is one of the best things that I have done. Helping people improve their health, traveling the world with my mates, giving people an opportunity to create residual income and develop the next generation of leaders that will impact the world is what Yor Health does. If this isn’t for you, then you’re probably going to leave a negative comment. But if it sounds like something yor interested in then contact an independent rep to help you get started and join the revolution in health, wealth and self-awareness.

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